Thursday, July 15, 2010

Moles on the Face - What do they Mean?

I discovered this article about moles on the face. I was actually looking for pictures to show people for moles to be aware of as far as skin cancer. This was a neat article about what the moles mean as far as your life! Kind of funny! Check it out! Either click link or read after the link....

Meaning of Moles on the Face:If the mole happens to appear on the forehead area, it signifies happiness for males. For females, such moles on the face signify happiness in marriage. A mole that is seen on the right side of the forehead signifies a person with exceptional qualities! Experts claim that he/she is sure to have a very successful life in that case. A mole on the left side indicates a person with great strength and determination. This person would also be extravagant in nature. A mole on the cheek, towards your lip area, indicates you would have plenty of fun and laughter in your life. It can also indicate you will achieve loads of fame as well. A mole, which is on the cheek, closer to your ear, is said to indicate fame and fortune at a very young age. You are bound to prosper but you need to be careful about your future life and secure for the same. Moles on the right cheek indicate a person who has an attractive persona but is flirtatious as well. A mole on the left cheek suggests a person who is a very focused person in life. Moles on both the cheeks indicate somebody who needs to put in more effort and hard work to achieve success in life.Moles under the eyebrows also signify certain things. Moles under the right eyebrow indicate an individual with an outgoing personality and also a person who can fight all odds. Moles under the left eyebrow indicate a high level of intelligence and a person who is blessed with creative skills as well. People with moles under their left eyebrow also need to follow their instincts to make a successful living that is accompanied with wealth. Moles on the upper area of the lips suggest a person with a very strong attitude and a very goal driven person. It also suggests a certain amount of generosity as well. Moles seen on the lower lip area indicate a slightly reserved person. Such an individual may tend to be very quiet in nature with a clear focus on his/her goals. A mole on the chin would indicate a person who tends to devour food more than necessary! A mole on the lower portion of the chin indicates a person who loves to be on the move and has a thirst for adventure.A mole on the ear indicates a person who is considerate and also has a streak of luck. A mole on the right side of the nose means a person who loves to travel with a passion for nature. Moles on the left side of the nose indicate a person who can adapt easily to different surroundings. The meaning of moles on the face is basically not an accurate way to gauge the nature of a person. All this is only indicative and cannot be considered the final verdict about the nature of any person.

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